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Chairman's Message!

Q-teleCom is a cutting-edge company geared up with VoIP technology - ready for today's emerging industry. We are next-generation Company of a long-term, publicly held company. Through our parent companies and CassTel Technologies GmbH & Co KG and TeleCass GmbH, our roots reach deep and wide. Q-teleCom was developed as one of CassTels daughter companies to allow greater support and interaction with our most important VoIP assets, using the latest technologies to deliver next-generation turnkey and hosted PSTN and VoIP solutions. Please visit: http://qmobil.de/

We are dedicated to delivering Customer Management and Billing Solutions for entrepreneurs, carriers, VoIP Calling Card Operators and Corporate companies based on VoIP. It provides services like VoIP Termination, Wholesale Termination, VoIP Reseller, Callshop Reseller and A-Z Termination, All kind of VoIP Solution.


Q-teleCom offer International Voice Termination Services through our Points of Presence in Germany and UK. We are directly interconnected with all the major voice and data carriers worldwide including North America and South America for Tier-1 VoIP termination. Our extensive VoIP network spans across more than 250 countries through VoIP Tier-1Providers.


Our Business is about helping your company be successful in the VoIP market. We take care of all technical worries of you. So you can concentrate only in making money. This is our main objective. Our purpose is to provide your company with the user-friendly tools it needs to go in and dominate your local Telecomm market.


Q-teleCom is a 100% Complete Turn-Key Private Label Solution. It has been designed from the ground up for Service Providers who want to offer VoIP services of any kind to their client base. Q-teleCom is backed by its parent company CassTel Technologies GmbH & Co KG and TeleCass GmbH Germany. We have got the networking and infrastructure of a large corporation. We fully understand your business and know how important it is for you and your clients to get support when you most need it.


Our ever-growing portfolio of VoIP and IP Telephony solutions and services includes :

We know you will draw a favorable conclusion about Q-teleCom even when you look beneath the surface.
Entrepreneurs are welcome, too! Contact us and we'll customize a package just for you.


Thank you for taking your time to read my Message. Cassidy E. Osuji
CassTel Technologies .


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